[Nintendo] The Adventures Of Rad Gravity

The Adventures Of Rad Gravity
Full nameThe Adventures Of Rad Gravity
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Genre Platform
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo (Download Emulator)

The Adventures Of Rad Gravity was first available by Activision on NES in 1990 in North America. Subsequently, the game was released in two other regions, Europe (May 30, 1991) and Australia (1991).


The game has the context in the future, and humans have succeeded in traveling between planets in the universe, the space travel through Stargates. However, humans developed a more advanced device, Compuminds (a form of intellectual biological equipment), which helps them quickly move from planet to planet. However, a bad guy stole the Compuminds and hid them to use. Meanwhile, Rad Gravity (the main character) has to search for the Compuminds and recover them. To support Rad, a Compuminds, Kakos will assist him in finding the location of the remaining eight devices.

Many levels to conquer

The Adventures Of Rad Gravity’s challenge system has eight levels, and each takes Rad to a different planet. They are Effluvia, Turvia, Vernia, Sauria, Cyberia, Utopia, Odar, and Volcaina. In which, Turvia is the most unique design. It brings many fun challenges. Unlike the other planets, Turvia’s terrain is turned upside down. The players will have to join the mission with a unique perspective. To recover Compuminds, Rad will have to move continuously to reach many different positions. The move will be relatively complicated because of many dangerous pitfalls. Rad can jump into the air, turn left, turn right or bend to avoid obstacles.

Besides passing the complex terrain, Rad also faces many enemies (each planet will bring different races for players to explore). To destroy them, the game will give a basic weapon which is a lightsaber (with a relatively limited combat range). However, the player has also another weapon that is a space gun (only uses at later stages).


In addition to familiar challenges, this game also receives good reviews in terms of visuals. In particular, Rad Gravity has a large head compared to his body and is modeled on the face of actor Bruce Campbell. Besides, Rad can also perform some antics, he will automatically perform when standing still in a position for a short time.

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