[Nintendo] Toobin

Full nameToobin
File size70.8KB
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Toobin is an entertainment game released by Nintendo in 1988. In which players experience the journey through the rivers on a swimming float. With simple gameplay and beautiful visuals, the game will bring you a relaxing and enjoyable time.

Toobin offers two modes, including one player and two players. In the game, you can choose one of the two characters, Bif or Jet, to start the journey. Players must pass three games with an increasing difficulty level. In the first game, gamers have to cross five major rivers, including Colorado, Amazon, Okeefenokee, American and Argentum. Players will control a big boat to the left or right to avoid the icebergs on the river. Besides, they can collect bonus points when they go across random blue items. On the float, it contains some arrows for players to defend when encountering dangerous creatures in the river, such as big fish, shrimp and tree branches. You will receive bonus points and continue to move when destroying obstacles. If the player touches the obstacles or is attacked by fish, their float will disappear and they must return to the top point of the level. At the end of each stage, a spiral takes the player to the next river. In addition to fight the enemies on the river, they have to deal with enemies on the riverbank like monkeys and crocodiles. Monkey will use a cannon to attack the player continuously. Besides, players have to move flexibly to avoid alligators. Going through the falls will make the player unable to control their speed. At the first stage of the level, they have to overcome a giant dinosaur.

In the next levels, players must overcome many difficulties in completing their mission. Also, the terrain in this level contains many steep sections and fast-flowing water. This makes the player lose control of speed. Besides, Tornadoes also appear to create great obstacles in the process of moving. Players must control properly to avoid colliding with them. The complex terrain and numerous enemies had made their challenge more and more dangerous. The game ends when the player completes all three required levels. Gamers can choose a two-player mode to experience the game with new challenges.

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