[Nintendo] WWF Wrestlemania Challenge [hM07]

WWF Wrestlemania Challenge [hM07]
Full nameWWF Wrestlemania Challenge [hM07]
File size145.5KB
Region USA USA
Console Nintendo (Download Emulator)

WWF WrestleMania Challenge is a fighting game released by LJN in 1990. This is a sequel to LJN’s WWF WrestleMania series. In the game, your task is to control his wrestlers to participate in the 1vs1 fight.

The game consists of two modes, including single-player and two players. With single-player mode, players can participate in an available tournament. When starting the game, they can select one of the nine available wrestlers. Besides, several wrestlers have become familiar with players in previous games in the WWF WrestleMania series such as Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant and Macho King Randy Savage. Also, the game provides additional wrestlers to choose from, such as The Ultimate Warrior, The Big Boss Man, Brutus, The Barber Muff Beefdding, Rick Rude, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan. After selecting the wrestler, the player will be taken to a special stage. In which, the ring is in the middle of the screen. The four corners of the screen will be the places for audiences. Each wrestler will have a physical bar displayed at the bottom of the ring. The game uses a view from above that allows wrestlers to observe the opponent’s physical strength. Moreover, the control system is very simple, with a button of fighting and a button of performing the skills of a wrestler. When players combine the two buttons, they can create a special skill. However, this skill is only used when the wrestler’s physical strength is high. When the wrestler’s physique returns to zero, that wrestler will lose. The winner will show dancing in front of the opponent and the viewer.

In addition, players will participate in a tournament with talented wrestlers. The winner of each match will go forward. In which, the difficulty level of the game will be higher when the player enters the next rounds. At this point, you need flexible moves and skillful combinations to win matches. The champion of the tournament will be the wrestler winning all wrestlers in the game.

In addition to participating in the tournament, the two-player mode will help you show skills. Two players will choose different wrestlers to join the game. There are no tasks assigned. Instead, you will fight each other to find the winner.

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