[Nintendo] Yo! Noid

Yo! Noid
Full nameYo! Noid
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Region USA USA
Console Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Yo! Noid is an adventure game released by Capcom in 1990. Its story began when New York City was destroyed by monstrous creatures. These creatures have escaped from a research lab and were constantly damaging the city. Before the threat of monsters, Noid – the mayor of the city, had to manage to destroy all these creatures to bring peace to the city and receive great rewards. However, things did not go according to his expectations.

The gameplay

In the game, the player controls Hanamaru, a destructive creature, to destroy the city. He can move on two feet and has a small ball in his hand. This ball is considered to be its only weapon during the journey. When he meets guards in the city, Hanamaru will throw the ball at the opponent. The enemy will be defeated quickly after being hit by the ball. It will meet other enemies when traveling on a river. He will jump onto the pillars to move to the other side of the river. Fish and birds are the enemies. Hanamaru will collect some items to jump higher to avoid the onslaught of enemies. Fish that attack from below the water are very unexpected and require quick reflexes from the player. If you get attacked by birds or fish, your character will fall into the river and has to replay from the beginning of the stage.

A stream full of icebergs is a great challenge for Hanamaru. You have to move on icebergs and cannot stand for too long on it. The ice will crumble and threat Hanamaru. The continuous movement will help it across the glacier easily. When crossing the glacier, you will face attacks from a bear and the guardians. A large bear will not die after an attack from Hanamaru. So, he has to move flexibly to avoid the bear.

In the final stages, Hanamaru will move on a skateboard in the city. During this period, a plane repeatedly dropped bombs to destroy him. Therefore, he has to run quickly to dodge all those bombs. The game ends when your character completes his journey.

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