[Nintendo] Zelda 2 – The Adventure Of Link

Zelda 2 – The Adventure Of Link
Full nameZelda 2 - The Adventure Of Link
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Nintendo released the second version of The Legend of Zelda on January 14, 1987. This version was Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. The game continues to bring the exciting exploration of the main character – Link.


The story takes place several years after the first version’s events are over. At that time, Link was 16 years old, and he started noticing special signs on his left hand (like the Hyrule badge). Here, Link used the seal on his hand to open the Castle’s door. After entering the Castle, they found a sleeping Princess, and Impa said that she was Zelda (not Zelda in the previous version). Zelda’s eternal sleep linked to an incident many years ago in the Hyrule. Zelda’s brother (Hyrule’s Prince) asked her to reveal information related to the King’s death (two brothers farther) and the Triforce’s mystery. However, the Princess refused to reveal. While angry, a Prince’s friend who was the Kingdom’s magician attacked the Princess. It quickly lost control and caused the magician’s death with the Princess falling asleep forever. After that, the Prince took his sister to the Castle in the North. He demanded that the royal Princesses be named Zelda. At the same time, Impa revealed, the mark on Link’s hand informed that he was the one who could wake the Princess from eternal sleep. Later, Link received a special chest that contains 6 crystal stones and a document with the ancient language. However, Link can read and reveal that it is about how to rescue Princess Zelda.


In Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, players continue to participate in exploring many dungeons to fight monsters and collect valuable treasures. Unlike the old version, this game has a more complicated battle system. Besides, the basic weapons are shields and swords. Links can also use magic to complete the journey, there are 8 to use. They will be learned from eight different sages around the Hyrule Kingdom.

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