[Nintendo] Zombie Nation

Zombie Nation
Full nameZombie Nation
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Region USA USA
Console Nintendo (Download Emulator)

Zombie Nation is an action game that was available by KAZe in 1990. The game is in the air in the United States in 1999. The story begins on the journey to explore the Darc. planet’s galaxy.


Yacht which contained many military weapons had trouble passing through the Earth. An explosion took place to release a laser from a special Darc weapon. It quickly spread to Central America and turned humans into zombies with the Darc’s control. Many dangerous wars took place which caused heavy losses. Darc stole Shura, the city’s legendary weapon. Therefore, the soldiers in the Namakubi organization set out for the city to retrieve the treasure and destroy the planet, Darc.


Basically, players control the Namakubi army’s leader. He has to overcome many dangers to search for the Darc.’s hiding place. He appears as a skull with the ability to attack enemies with flames in his mouth. Players travel through the city to destroy many houses. They are prevented by the enemy’s planes and tanks. After defeating enemies, players receive bonuses and power-up items.

By destroying the buildings, they will rescue some people and gather information. Players will go to the mysterious cave next to a village. Many monsters prevent them from appearing in caves like snakes and fish. In addition, the player has to reflect quickly before the stones fall from the top of the cave. At the end of this, a dramatic battle takes place between the player and the boss. Boss possesses a large body with weapons, large axes. The player moves around the monster and drop fire to destroy them. You get many bonus points when they are destroyed. If you die in this battle, you have to start over at the beginning and have their bonuses deducted.

Upgrade your Characters

In Zombie Nation, players use the collected bonuses to level up skills and equip necessary items. In the final stage, they find the enemy’s base in the city center. It is protected by many soldiers and Darc.’s airborne troops. Overcoming all dangers, players come to the final battle with the alien’s leader. He regains Shura and brings back to its original position when the leader is destroyed.

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