[Playstation 2] Downhill Domination

Downhill Domination
Full nameDownhill Domination
File size1.9GB
Genre Racing
Region Europe Europe
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

Besides the familiar high-speed driving challenges, off-road driving also has many interesting challenges to enjoy. In Downhill Domination, players will discover fascinating races. Instead of moving on flat terrain, this game will provide complex terrain. It requires players to move from the top of a mountain and overcome many obstacles to get to the ground. In particular, the main means of competition is the mountain bike. This game was developed by Incognito Entertainment for the PlayStation 2 platform and released by two different manufacturers (2003). In the UK, Codemasters launched it. The others were available by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

With the addictive off-road driving challenge, this game has 3D graphics, elaborate landscapes, and many sharp details such as trees, rocks, tunnels in the mountains … Besides, the game also prepares some special moving effects to enjoy. The outstanding feature is the characters’ movement. It is carefully constructed to help the character perform many beautiful and realistic aerial acrobatics techniques.

Downhill Domination has two game modes, Single Player and Multi-player. In addition, it also has an Option folder to customize different functions in a match. For example, the race’s difficulty has three levels to choose from (Easy, Medium, and Hardcore). In the race, players can choose the available characters to compete. In which, each will own a separate personal specification – Speed, Sprint, Combat, and Tricking. There are more than 10 characters to choose from. In particular, there is a unique character that is a bizarre creature with a violet eye and body, it is Kineticlops. Selecting the character to use, players will have to compete with multiple opponents at the same time. The goal is to drive smartly to overcome opponents and obstacles on the way to win. They include trees or climbers, colliding with each of them, you will fall off the bike. At that time, the competition can quickly overcome you and create great distances. Therefore, players have to focus to get the control and quick reflexes during the competition.

Besides stable driving to control the movement speed, players can also perform some tricks to beat competitors. However, each will have a separate trick to knock the opponent down. Besides, along the way, there are some support items for players to collect. They are displayed with different colors and have their own features. For example, red items allow you to achieve a high movement speed in a short time. In addition, the game also provides bonuses (received from the implementation of tricks) for you to use and upgrade your bike.

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