[Playstation 2] Fight Night Round 3

Fight Night Round 3
Full nameFight Night Round 3
File size1.6GB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

If you are passionate about dramatic fighting games, Fight Night Round 3 is the best choice. This is the third version of the Fight Night game series which was released by EA Sports in 2006 on multiple platforms. Players will participate in an annual tournament to compete with famous wrestlers worldwide. The winner receives the prize money and trophy in the game.

About gameplay

About the gameplay, the player controls wrestling and completes matches in this tournament. With the character system in the series of the same name, players will choose a favorite character before starting. The index of each wrestler’s strength is displayed on a card. The number of stars on the card represents their fitness and energy. Players have to select wrestlers carefully because this wrestler will accompany them in all matches. After a signal from the umpire, the player is brought to the ring with his opponent. They use their skills and move sensibly to attack their enemies.

Players will raise their hands in front of them to block enemy attacks. If the wrestlers violate the competition rules, they will be defeated and eliminated from the tournament after the referee’s decision. They will fight in 3 rounds. The winner is the one who kills the remaining wrestler in the allotted time. In 3 rounds, a wrestler who wins two rounds and doesn’t violate the rules of the tournament will go to the next round. The difficulty level will increase when the player enters the next round. They use their experience in previous rounds to face an excellent wrestler. The tournament ends when a wrestler wins the last match. After the tournament, players can unlock wrestlers who have higher stars to come up with new challenges.


Regarding graphics, the game uses beautiful 3D graphics. The game floor is similar to the competition. Like its previous, the character’s skills are attractive to players. They can not take their eyes off the screen to enjoy the dramatic matches of the professional tournament color. In addition, the lively sound from the cheerleader brings excitement to the player.

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