[Playstation 2] God Hand

God Hand
Full nameGod Hand
File size936.5MB
Genre Action , Beat Em Up
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

God Hand was available on PlayStation 2 in 2006 for North American and Japanese. A year later, the new game was widely released to various regions in the world. Clover Studio developed it. Also, it is the last game which is made by this manufacturer. This game was later available by Capcom and was on the list of the most classic games.


The main content is the challenge of melee combat in a fantasy world. In the beginning, players will be introduced to this world. From ancient times, a fallen angel was chased out of heaven, and he became the Demon Lord Angra. He built an army of demons to invade the world. At that time, a mysterious hero saved humanity who was said to carry the god’s power. Since then, he defeated Angra and brought peace to the world. The people who were saved by this hero called him, God Hand. Next, an association was formed to protect the God Hand’s power and to instruct those who could use this source in the light. Avoiding that this person resembled the fallen angel from the past and became a new Demon Lord.

Unlike the God Hand protection association, an evil organization was created, Four Devas. Their purpose is to revive Angra to control the world. Besides, the guys from Four Devas also try to destroy the members of God Hand to ensure their plan’s safety. Therefore, Gene (23 years old) and a member of God Hand have to escape from the pursuit and prevent the Angra’s revival. Accompanying Gene on this mission is Olivia, a girl and her descendant who serves God Hand. In the game, players will control Gene and participate in many different missions to destroy the Four Devas.


In addition, players also have to move to different lands to talk to the NPC while on missions and fight the enemies. Like the classic battle challenges, players have an energy meter, and it can activate powerful combat skills. Besides, gaining great energy also allows the player to release and use the God Hand’s power. When God Hand is activated, the player will remain invincible, the fighting power and movement speed will also be increased. Besides, the game also offers some mini-games for players to relax. Players will discover these mini-games as they enter the casinos.


With 3D graphics, players has the opportunity to enjoy many fascinating combat techniques. Besides, the 3D environment also allows players to make complex movements to attack the opponent. Overall, this game has good image quality, the visual details are clear, and the characters are beautiful (from costumes to movement).

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