[Playstation 2] Harvest Moon – A Wonderful Life – Special Edition

Harvest Moon – A Wonderful Life – Special Edition
Full nameHarvest Moon - A Wonderful Life - Special Edition
File size288.0MB
Genre Strategy
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life is a simulation and role-playing game that was developed for the Gamecube platform. This game was released by Marvelous Entertainment in Japan on September 12, 2003. One year later, the game was available in North America, March 2004. After the success of the GameCube, the manufacturer developed a version for the PlayStation 2 platform. The PS 2 version was available in Japan in 2004 and North America in 2005. Next, the game continued to appear on PS 3 and PS 4 platforms. In particular, the versions for these two platforms have been revised and upgraded after some technical problems of the PS 2 platform.

In Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, players have the opportunity to explore life in the countryside with many different jobs (tending cattle and agricultural plants). You get a milk cow to take care of and get used to the basic tasks. After completing the care challenges, the game will provide some other types to care such as goats, horses, chickens, or sheep. The good care will help players harvest many products, and they will be processed or sold directly to customers to receive bonuses. For example, players will have to take good care of the roosters and hens to harvest eggs. Or take cow’s milk from cow care and goat’s milk from goat’s care.

Besides, the game also offers many different types of agricultural crops to explore. As with cattle, each will bring a separate agricultural product to collect and to sell. In particular, each of them will suit each different weather type. Some plants can grow well in the summer but less developed in the winter. Therefore, players have to grasp the tree’s characteristics before sowing. This also makes players easier to care and harvest, players will receive high-quality fruits or vegetables. Moreover, players can marry and take care of their children. In particular, the children in this game also have the ability to develop and mature like normal people. In this process, players can build many different personalities for them (depending on the gifts they receive and the areas you take them to).

Finally, this game has a nice graphical system. The characters in the game are carefully constructed from costumes to movement. Besides, many image details are sharp and clear in each frame.

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