[Playstation 2] Jak And Daxter – The Precursor Legacy

Jak And Daxter – The Precursor Legacy
Full nameJak And Daxter - The Precursor Legacy
File size737.7MB
Genre Action , Platform
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy is an adventure game. This game is built with the open world. It allows players to freely explore many interesting challenges without having to follow in a process. Also, this game is the first version of the Jak and Daxter series. It was developed by Naughty Dog for the PlayStation 2 platform and was available by Sony Computer Entertainment on December 3, 2001. After being released in 2001, this game had received positive feedback from players and critics. As of 2002 (after a year of being released), the game had sold more than one million copies. In 2007, the game was estimated to have sold more than two million copies in North America. By 2012, this game was changed to some details on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita platforms in 2013. Especially, on August 22, 2017, a new version was also available for the PlayStation 4 platform (via PS2 Classic system).


The game’s plot is on a fantasy planet and has limited technology. However, this planet possesses a special source of energy which is used in many different jobs. This unique energy is Eco by the creation of an ancient race. Besides, the game has two main characters, Jak and Daxter. They live in an area, Sandover Village. While exploring the surrounding areas in the village, they discovered a group of mysterious people controlling Lurker (dark monsters) to collect Dark Eco (dark energy source used for malicious purposes). While observing the monsters collecting Eco, they were discovered by a Lurker. At that time, Jak tried to destroy this monster with an explosive device. But the explosion caused Daxter to fall into a tank of Dark Eco and transformed him into a strange creature. As a result, Jak quickly took Daxter back to the village to seek help from everyone. After the elders in the village taught him, Jak began his journey to collect Eco. He wanted to help Daxter return to his original form and investigated the people trying to collect Dark Eco.


In Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, players will have to conquer many different levels. To complete these levels, you will act Jak and overcome many unique challenges along the way. Jak will overcome obstacles by jumping over or destroying them. Besides, the character has an energy meter to use. When the character’s life force reaches 0, the game will be stopped. Note, Jak can lose vitality through taking damage from enemies, colliding with traps or falling from high above areas.

The goal is to collect enough required energy particles to activate a certain machine. This will open up new levels for the player to conquer. The collection of energy particles will be carried out in various ways. You can fight the enemies or perform the NPC’s tasks. In which, players will participate in adventure challenges, and you can move to many different areas. There, the player will have to collect special eggs (called orbs of the predecessor) to return to the NPC. They can be available on the ground to collect. However, some eggs will be stored in hidden places, and players have to explore these areas to collect them.


As for the game’s graphics, it was rated as good quality at the launch time (2001). With 3D graphics, the game will give players vivid scenes. Besides, the color system is also designed and used appropriately in each different context (due to the use of bright colors).

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