[Playstation 2] Jurassic Park – Operation Genesis

Jurassic Park – Operation Genesis
Full nameJurassic Park - Operation Genesis
File size253.4MB
Genre Strategy
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

Jurassic Park is a movie with unique content around the world. Based on this movie, Blue Tongue Entertainment has developed an addictive simulation game, allowing players to build their prehistoric world and possess powerful creatures (Stegosaurus, Carnotaurus, Brontosaurus, Diplodocus …). This game is Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, it was released by Konami and Vivendi Games. It was integrated on three platforms: Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation 2. The game was officially available to the market in 2003 in North America and many other regions around the world.


The Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis’s goal is to build a large park with prehistoric creatures. Besides possessing prehistoric creatures (dinosaurs), players also have to build a safe environment for visitors to enjoy the world. Overall, the game’s control and construction system are quite similar to the Tycoon Game and SimCity. In the early stages, players will participate in the construction of basic structures such as arranging barns. The arrangement stables for dinosaurs is very important, the area where herbivores and carnivores should be clearly distinguished. In which, the area for the herbivorous dinosaurs should be surrounded with trees around. As for the carnivorous dinosaurs, they have to build a large space to move and always have food (by dropping into the stable of goats, pigs, or cows).

Along with managing the barn and ensuring the currently owned dinosaurs work in their area, players also participate in the research and production of new dinosaurs. This is based on the DNA usage of certain dinosaurs and combining them. However, obtaining the dinosaurs’ DNA is not easy. To own a DNA sample, the player has to extract them from the fossils. In which, you will collect fossils by searching them from nine archaeological sites around the world. Each location allows players to send several different geological teams. In particular, players can own many groups to explore multiple locations at once. Note, they can be purchased from the game’s store.


With simulation elements, this game possesses a beautiful and vivid graphics system. Although some details are not yet clear, it still brings vivid scenes and smooth movements of different characters to enjoy. In particular, the PS 2 platform also received better reviews than the other two platforms. While the PS 2 is said to be stable and attractive, Windows and Xbox received only average reviews.

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