[Playstation 2] Kingdom Hearts II

Kingdom Hearts II
Full nameKingdom Hearts II
File size2.2GB
Genre Action
Region Europe Europe
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

Kingdom Hearts II is the third version of the Kingdom Hearts series, the previous two versions are Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. It is a role-playing and fighting with hack and slash style. This game was released by Square Enix for the PlayStation 2 platform. Besides, it was available in four regions, Japan – December 22, 2005, North America – March 28, 2006, Europe – September 28, 2006, and Australia – September 29, 2006. After being released, this game had received many good reviews and owned impressive sales. In Japan, the manufacturer had sold more than one million copies (after a week of release). As for North America, the game also sold more than one million copies (after a month of being launched in this market). Since then, the game became the second best-selling product of 2006. Subsequently, the game was recorded to have sold more than four million copies (from its release until the end of April 2007). With good sales and compelling content, this game was on the list of the best games.

Kingdom Hearts II’s story is about a year after the events of Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. The main character is still the little boy Sora (who has the ability to control the Keyblade). On this journey, Sora had to find his missing friends. Besides, he also had to face Organization XIII (an evil organization that appeared in the Chain of Memories). In the game, the player controls Sora from a third perspective. However, the game also prepares a first perspective to explore, depending on the player’s needs. In search of friends, Sora has to move to different Disney lands. Each will offer different missions, and the player has to complete these tasks in a fixed order to go forward.

Besides the main tasks, the manufacturer also prepares some quests for players to perform. In the side quests, players have the opportunity to collect additional bonuses to upgrade characters. Similar to Final Fantasy’s control system, the bottom of the screen will display commands for players to control the character. They include attacking, using magic or items. In addition, this version also prepares a new feature, the Reaction Command. Players will use to activate special attack operations, from attacking normal enemies to attacking bosses. Accompanying Sora is the two supporting characters. However, they will be controlled by the CPU, and the player can also customize some different commands for the two characters to follow. For example, you can customize the two characters to attack the target that Sora is trying to destroy.

On the PS 2 platform, this game has normal graphics. The game’s details such as the character’s movement or the scenery are similar to the style of Final Fantasy. The effects of combat skills are not too complicated. The system interface is clear, while the image details have not been smooth.

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