[Playstation 2] Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts
Full nameKingdom Hearts
File size1.8GB
Genre Action , Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

Kingdom Hearts is an action game which was available by Square Enix in 2002. The game is one of the best-selling games in the early 21st century. Also, it received many positive reviews. This is the first version in the Kingdom Hearts game series by artist Shinji Hashimoto for many platforms.


The game revolves around the characters’ journey in the Final Fantasy series. A group of heroes including Sora, Riku, and Kair had planned to leave the Destiny Islands to travel around the world. However, two of Sora’s friends were kidnapped, and the island was attacked by the Heartless. He had to cancel his intentions and accompany two new friends, Donald Duck and Goofy. Their goal was to rescue those who were in danger. When meeting Riku and Kair, Sora discovered that the enemy controlled them and intend to destroy him. His task was to restore the friends’ memory and rescue them from the control from the enemy.


Basically, players will control Sora with the mission to rescue friends. He can high jumping and swimming. The weapon to ensure Sora’s safety is a wooden sword. Small tasks are in many areas on the map. Following instructions from a resident, he crosses the river and enteres the cave in the first stage. Here, Sora meets up with his friends and talks to them. He realizes how dangerous the enemy. Using a wooden sword, Sora defeats the enemies and goes forward the next area. He goes to Halloween town and completes the remaining targets. Sora uses the collected bonuses to buy Halloween costumes at the store. The wooden sword is empowered when fighting monsters in the city. With powerful weapons and flexible movement skills, Sora destroys all enemies and awakens the memory of the two friends. Before they escape the city together, they have to destroy the last enemy’s base and return to Destiny Island.


In terms of graphics, the game uses beautiful 3D images with a rich character system. The beauty of the island and Halloween city are interesting places that players can experience when completing the goal. The game changes the sound and the monster’s shape to be more complete in the Kingdom Hearts Final Mix version in 2013.

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