[Playstation 2] Manhunt

Full nameManhunt
File size1.7GB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

Rockstar North is a famous game developer, they received many success thanks to the GTA series. Besides the series of role-playing games in the underworld, the manufacturer also owns a scary horror and survival game to experience. This game is Manhunt, and it was available by Rockstar Games. The first three platforms are Microsoft Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation 2. They are released in North America and Europe. With the PS2 platform, it will be available in North America on November 18, 2003, and in Europe on November 21, 2003. For Microsoft Windows and Xbox, it will be launched in North America on April 20 in 2004 and Europe on April 23, 2004.

Besides the three basic platforms, you can play it on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, through the PlayStation Network. PS 3 is 2013, and PS 4 is 2016. When it is available, Manhunt receives mixed reviews. In some areas, it is appreciated for image quality and scary gameplay. With dark tones and gruesome killing, it requires players to have the courage to experience. As for some other areas, it is banned from release due to possessing too many violent elements and can affect the players’ psychology.

The game’s content revolves around the journey to regain the peaceful life of a death row inmate. His name is James Earl Cash, and he is required to be executed with poison. However, the prison’s director made an offer to Cash. He would be participating in a television program (filmed by CCTVs mounted in different locations) and killed all required targets. Completing the challenges, Cash would not be executed. Accepting the offer, Cash would participate in a frightening survival war, the people who he was asked to kill was not simple. They were criminal gangs, mental gangs, and even corrupt cops. In particular, they also received an offer, which was to hunt down and to kill Cash.

In this game, players will control the main character with a third perspective. The most important goal is to survive the pursuit of criminal gangs. The game has 12 main stages and 4 restoration stages (need to be unlocked to participate). At each stage, players will be taken to a separate area to face many different gangs. The main task is to destroy all enemies in the area. However, you will face many enemies at once. Therefore, the player has to have smart moves in order not to let the enemy detect.

To defeat an enemy, you will have to find a way to attack them from behind with many different weapons (crowbar, knife, baseball bat …). Besides, the game also prepares dark spaces to hide (the enemy is not able to look at these areas). From the darkness, players have to choose the right time to kill the enemy. In the case of being discovered, players will be involved in combat battles and subject to certain damages. To recover health after each battle, players have to use painkillers (available on the ground to collect).

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