[Playstation 2] Marvel – Ultimate Alliance

Marvel – Ultimate Alliance
Full nameMarvel - Ultimate Alliance
File size1.8GB
Genre Action , Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is an immersive fighting game which was based on the Marvel Universe. In this game, players will discover many famous superheroes of Marvel Comic. Besides, players can also fight familiar villains such as Rhino (Spider-man), Destroyer (Thor), Galactus (Fantastic Four), Winter Soldier (Captain American) … This game was available by Raven Software for three main platforms as Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 4. Next, it was also released for some different platforms such as Microsoft Windows, PlayStation Portable, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Among these platforms, Game Boy Advance was designed with certain differences (because it was developed by another manufacturer, Barking Lizards Technologies). Most versions were available by Activision, and the first version was on October 24, 2006. In addition, this game was the third product that Raven Software built on Marvel Universe, had the same gameplay system as the previous two products, X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse and X-Men Legends.


The game’s plot is relatively complicated. It started with the villains attacking the S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Helicarrier U.N.N.Alpha. After this attack, many superheroes’s homeland were also attacked by villains. In particular, they worked together and operated under a certain strategy. That made superheroes difficult to defeat the villains. Therefore, they had teamed up and divided into small groups to destroy each villain. During the fighting, they discovered that the attacks’s leader was Doctor Doom, and players had to team up in a fierce battle to defeat him.


In Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, players can choose four of the game’s 140 characters to create a superhero team. However, there will be some superheroes that cannot be used in the early stages. Players have to complete special challenges to unlock them. Along with the diverse number of superheroes, the game also gives each superhero four different costumes to use. In which, there is an available costume, and the others have to be unlocked.

The game has a diverse task system, and players have to complete them in a certain sequence. Each allows the player to control up to four characters. When fighting, players can freely choose one of the four characters to use and act as a guide for the others. In particular, the others also have the ability to automatically fight when not controlled by the player. Moreover, the manufacturer also prepares many different endings for players to enjoy. Note, each ending will have different content. They depend on the number of tasks that the player has completed in accordance with the requirements.


As for graphics, this game is a 3D environment and provides a third perspective to experience. The combat space and the scenery are careful with clearly displayed image details. Besides, each character has different movements, helping players discover many different control operations and not be bored.

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