[Playstation 2] Max Payne 2 – The Fall Of Max

Max Payne 2 – The Fall Of Max
Full nameMax Payne 2 - The Fall Of Max
File size0.9GB
Genre Action , Shooter
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

After releasing the first in 2001, Remedy Entertainment focused on developing the second version of Max Payne. The new version is Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max, and it follows the events that ended in the first part. This game was available on three platforms (PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows) in 2003. In which, Microsoft Windows is the first platform to be able to experience this game, October 14 (in the region), North America) and October 24 (in the European region). Next, the Xbox platform discovered the game on November 25 (for North American markets) and December 5 (for European markets). Finally, the game was available on PS 2 on December 2 (North America) and December 5 (Europe). Different from the old version, The Fall of Max was released by Rockstar Games.


Compared to its previous, this game retains the familiar gameplay system with a more attractive story system. The player which still controls the main character is Max with a third perspective. In addition, players have the opportunity to meet an old character from the previous story, Mona Sax.

The game’s story takes place with a timeline, two years later (when the events of the first version end). Currently, Max had been returned to work for NYPD, and he asked to participate in a special case. The case involved an intense gunfight in a Vladimir Max’s warehouse. Participating in the investigation, Max was reunited with Mona (who was thought to have died in part one) and was dragged into a mafia gangster competition for the sale of guns on the black market.


In the game, players continue to complete the challenges on each individual level. You will still control Max in each mission. However, this version also allows players to control Mona at certain levels. In the early levels, the player has a shotgun with a caliber of 9mm. Completing the basic levels and progressing into more complex levels, players can explore many new weapons (submachine guns, shotguns …). Besides completing levels to go forward, each level is completed to unlock two unique challenge modes at that level to explore. The first challenge is New York Minute, which requires players to complete the level in the shortest time to achieve high achievements. The second challenge is Dead Man Walking, it is a survival challenge, and the player has to fight many enemies in five different stages.


Despite its compelling content, Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max does not receive good reviews on the PS 2 platform. At this platform, the game has a normal image system (not as striking and attractive as Xbox or PC). Besides, the image details are also quite faint and do not create a vivid experience for players.

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