[Playstation 2] Mega Man X7

Mega Man X7
Full nameMega Man X7
File size691.0MB
Genre Action , Platform
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

Mega Man X7 is the first version of the Mega Man X series which was available on the sixth console game platform. Besides, it is the seventh version of the Mega Man X series. This game was developed by Capcom for PlayStation 2 and was expanded to some other platforms such as Microsoft Windows. For the PS 2 platform, the game was first available in Japan, on July 17, 2003. After that, the other two regions were North America – October 14, 2003, and South Korea – December 3, 2003. It was not until early 2004 that the European region discovered X7 on PS 2, March 5. On the Microsoft Windows platform, the game was only available in Korea on April 29, 2004.


The game’s context takes place in the 22nd century. At this point, the war with the Maverick (Reploids that had been infected by the virus) was not over, and it was still fierce. After the fighting years, X decided to withdraw and let Zero take over his position. However, this action made the Maverick active. The X’s absence created a freelance hunters group, Red Alert. But this group had a relatively dangerous operation. Since then, a new competition between Maverick Hunter HQ and Red Alert broke out, causing X to return to the battlefield.


Unlike previous versions of the X Series, this version will not allow players to control X from the beginning. Instead, players will use Zero or Axl (a new character and the ability to copy the opponent’s skills) in conquering the game’s levels. When using them, players have to fight the Maverick on the way to rescue the detained Reploids. There are 128 hostages to rescue. In which, successfully rescuing 64 hostages will allow the player to unlock X and use him in the next challenge. In addition, this version has still eight stages to fight and the end of each will be a battle with the boss. Regarding weapon systems and special skills, X and Zero still possess the old features.

With the new character Axl, he possesses a unique skill, Copy Shot. When using this skill, he will have the appearance and combat skills similar to the enemies that he has defeated. To do that, Axl has to pick up apart from the enemy after defeating them.


Besides bringing a new character to use, this version also owns an entirely new visual system. Instead of the classic and familiar 2D image, the manufacturer uses 3D graphics. With better graphics, the movements and combat will be beautiful. Besides, the game also offers a third perspective at certain stages.

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