[Playstation 2] Mercenaries – Playground Of Destruction

Mercenaries – Playground Of Destruction
Full nameMercenaries - Playground Of Destruction
File size1.4GB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

Mercenaries – Playground Of Destruction is an engaging action and shooting game. This game which is a version of the Mercenaries Series is developed by Pandemic Studios. The game was later available by LucasArts for two platforms like Xbox and PlayStation 2. The game was in two regions and was banned in Korea at the released time. In North America, it was available on January 11, 2005. The remaining region is Europe, which was released on February 18, 2005.


The game’s content is in a fictional future. The game’s context will take place in the Korean Peninsula. A new war (involving nuclear weapons) broke out in this area. Each political power in the world had its own purpose. As a result, a number of mercenaries had been sent to participate in battles and carry out targets from their bosses.


In Mercenaries – Playground Of Destruction, players will control one of the three main characters to perform the required tasks. In particular, each will have a unique strength. British mercenaries possess the ability to move quickly, suitable to overcome areas with many dangerous traps. Next, the American guy has good physical and withstand many enemies ’ damages, suitable for the battlefield with dense firepower. Finally, the guys from Sweden and have a grumpy personality can use many weapons.


Besides, players will participate in shooting challenges. The manufacturer will prepare many different obstacles at each mission to test the player’s ability to move. Each will make a unique request, and the player has to face many enemies to complete the challenge. The tasks are protecting a stronghold, stealing a military device, assassinating an enemy officer … Moreover, this game also possesses some unique features such as the Grand Theft Auto series. Firstly, the player will control the character and fight at the third perspective. The next interesting point is that players can use many different means during the fight. You can comfortably use available cars on the way and move to the required area.


In addition, this game also owns a stable image quality. The frame rate works well and the image details are clearly displayed. The movement of each character is vividly designed and the visual effects during the battle are also beautifully prepared.

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