[Playstation 2] Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter
Full nameMonster Hunter
File size704.3MB
Genre Action , Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

With the prehistoric background and large creatures still exist in the world, Monster Hunter will bring gamers an exciting fantasy world to explore. In the game, you have the opportunity to become a hunter to fight many powerful creatures. The game’s content is classified into action and role-playing.

In addition, it was directly developed and released for PlayStation 2. The game was available in four familiar regions, Japan – March 11, 2004, North America – September 21, 2004. , Europe – May 27, 2005, and Australia – June 1, 2005. From the original version of PS 2, Capcom also developed this game into two other versions as PSP and Nintendo Wii. However, the version for these two platforms is an expansion of Monster Hunter, it is Monster Hunter G, and the PSP version is Monster Hunter Freedom.

Gameplay and game modes

In Monster Hunter, players will have to perform the required tasks to become a professional hunter. The game’s goal is to defeat the monsters and collect many different materials to create powerful equipment for the character (armor, weapons ….).

The game’s difficulty will be increased gradually by each stage. Therefore, equipping items with good features for the character is an important task. To receive the game’s quests, the player will have to go to two locations, Town Guild and Village Elder. In which, the Village Elder has three types of missions as Hunting Quest, Gathering Quest, and Capture Quest. The difficulty will be arranged in eight levels (level 1 is simple and easy to complete, while level 8 is complicated and takes a long time to complete).

Participating in Hunting Quest, players will have a certain number of targets to destroy. Gathering Quests is a mission that focuses on gathering ingredients (bones or flesh of monsters) or required herbs. Capture Quest is a complex task, it closely resembles the challenge of Hunting Quest. However, players are not allowed to kill monsters. Instead, you can only reduce their vigor to a low level to capture with traps.

About the hunters

Besides, the game will provide two types of hunters to enjoy. The first type is the Blademasters, and they use melee weapons. They include Great Swords, Hammers, Sword and Shield, Lances, and Dual Swords (this weapon is not available in Japanese market versions). The second is the Gunners, and they use long-range offensive weapons. Unlike melee weapons, there are only two types of long-range weapons to use, the Heavy Bowgun and the Light Bowgun.


The visual system is stable and receptive. Characters and monsters in the game are considered to have natural movement. However, it also does not have too many outstanding details, the game’s scenery is quite limited. In particular, the camera system to observe is difficult to control.

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