[Playstation 2] Mortal Kombat – Armageddon – Premium Edition

Mortal Kombat – Armageddon – Premium Edition
Full nameMortal Kombat - Armageddon - Premium Edition
File size2.0GB
Genre Action , Fighting
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

If you like the fighting action game genre, Mortal Kombat game series is the best choice. Following the previous version’s success, Midway Games has officially released Mortal Kombat: Armageddon in 2006. The game quickly attracted the attention of critics and players around the world.

Game’s Story

About the plot, Mortal Kombat: Armageddon takes place in Edenia, a thriving kingdom. King Argus organized many confrontations between the knights to find the winner. To protect the safety, Argus had to create a mighty army. After forming this army, they received the prophecy of the Armageddon war which Blaze led. Before this prophecy, the knights began to travel to many places in the kingdom to search and destroy Blaze.

Game modes

Basically, the game has two modes as one player and two players. With one-player mode, they will have to find and defeat Blaze. Players can choose a character among the 60 available heroes of the Argus army. Each possesses different weapons and powers. After selecting the favorite character, they will experience many battles with the enemy army. Blaze is protected by a powerful warrior system.

Players come to the ring at the first level. They have the ability to move left, right, jump, and bend to attack and fend off enemies. The character’s energy and stamina are displayed on the screen. When the energy is filled, the knight will activate and use special skills. They will make the opponent lose the ability to attack in a short time and greatly damage their physical strength. To win the level, they have to defeat the enemy in 2 battles. They have to redo the level if an enemy attacks them.

Conquer the challenges

The difficulty level increases gradually as the player reaches the next level. The strong enemy will require a reasonable and flexible movement of the knight. At the same time, they have to deliver accurate attacks to knock down enemies within the allotted time. Players unlock costumes after winning a certain level. The game ends when they defeat Blaze in the last level. In addition to the one-player mode, they can choose a two-player mode to show their fighting skills to their teammates. No goals are set in this mode, and the player can customize many factors in the match.


Besides the unique storyline, the game also attracts players with beautiful graphics with classic colors. The characters’ skills and movement smoothly bring strong attraction to them. Dramatic sound in battle also contributes to creating a fighting game that players can not ignore.

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