[Playstation 2] Naruto – Ultimate Ninja 3

Naruto – Ultimate Ninja 3
Full nameNaruto - Ultimate Ninja 3
File size1.9GB
Genre Action , Fighting
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3 is the third version of the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja series developed by CyberConnect2. Like its previous, this game was available for the PlayStation 2 platform and in many different regions. It appeared in Japan on December 22, 2005. Then North America, on March 25, 2008. By September 2008, the game was also available in Australia.

Many new Characters

Regarding the character system, Ultimate Ninja 3 has more characters than the previous versions Ultimate Ninja 2, allowing players to use up to 42 characters. Bringing more characters also helps players feel excited and comfortable exploring many beautiful fighting skills.

Many game modes

Basically, this game has five game modes, and each will offer different interesting goals to complete. In which, Ultimate Contest is the first mode, and it is a story-driven part. Players will have to participate in continuous combat in a certain order and win to go forward. The game’s content is related to a festival that Tsunade organizes, and the main event is a tournament. At this tournament, each competitor will have one crystal and compete in different rounds.

Next, the contestants who win each match will receive the opponent’s crystal, and the loser will be eliminated from the tournament. Having completed many rounds, the two contestants who have collected the most crystals will compete against at the last match. In particular, the person who wins the last match can set a new rule for Leaf Village. Like the Ultimate Contest, the Hero History section also offers diverse matches to overcome. In this mode, players will compete in four separate stages and have a fierce battle with Sasuke in the final stage.

Besides the two basic modes, this game still offers two familiar modes and similar to the previous version, VS. Duel and Ikura Training. VS. Duel still brings random matches to enjoy. However, the support character feature has been removed. Ikura Training still provides training challenges to help players activate special skills more quickly. New to the third version is that it has a mini-game system to conquer. This game mode is The Break Room. However, this new game does not receive many good reviews. The mini-games are designed to be unstable and create a feeling of boredom for players.


The graphic quality has improved much compared to the two previous. The combat skills effects are more beautiful and attractive. The color system is also designed to be brighter

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