[Playstation 2] NBA 2K10

NBA 2K10
Full nameNBA 2K10
File size1.5GB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

Following the success of the NBA 2K series, Visual Conception continued to develop other versions of this basketball game. In which, NBA 2K10 is a great one. It was released by 2K Sports on many different platforms. The game was available for five platforms as PS 2, PS 3, PSP, Microsoft Windows and Xbox in October 2009. After that, in November 2009, a version for the Nintendo Wii was also released. In particular, this game is the first version of the NBA 2K series on PS 2 and Wii. Today, we would like to introduce to you the version on PlayStation 2. Please join us to check it right now!

The game content

In NBA 2K10, players still participate in professional basketball tournaments. Also, you can possess players or clubs. The game provides you with many game modes. In which, Quick Game is the most basic, which allows players to randomly select different clubs. They will have a unique power system. The club’s strength will depend on three main features as Offense, Defense and Over All. Besides, this version retains the Street Basketball mode to enjoy. In Street Basketball, players can compete in basketball games that are more comfortable. Instead of participating in playgrounds and the strict supervision of the referees, it will bring outdoor matches, and players can enjoy basketball games in the fierce style without supervision or punishment. In addition, outdoor matches provide fewer characters for players to control. Therefore, you have to observe quickly and perform many interesting tricks to defeat many opponents. Besides the attractive modes by controlling the players directly, you also enjoy some unique management challenges in Association Mode. In this mode, players will not directly control the players in each match. Instead, the player’s role is to manage the club. It means that it is not easy. Gamers have to complete many different tasks, from building training time to replacing players in a tournament to help the club go forward and to win the championship. In addition to the basic modes and similar to the previous versions, this game is also built by a manufacturer of a new game, My Player. In this mode, players will not use the available clubs to participate in competition. Therefore, players can participate in creating a character to use. After successfully creating the character with the desired appearance, players will start the journey to conquer the NBA in an individual form. Next, the players will have to search for a club to compete matches that will help you get bonus points to upgrade the technical indicators for the character. However, before playing in the NBA, players will have to complete two basic competitions are D-League and Summer League.

The graphics

The image quality is very good with sharp 3D graphics. Also, the movements are realistic and beautiful. However, this version also encounteres some minus points about the frame rate. It is a little bit unstable and difficult for players to control the character.

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