[Playstation 2] NBA Street Vol. 2

NBA Street Vol. 2
Full nameNBA Street Vol. 2
File size1.2GB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

After Midway achieved a lot of success with NBA Jam, several game makers also focused on developing the NBA games. In which, NBA Street is the most prominent game. It was designed under the cooperation of EA Canada and NuFX, and was released by EA Sports BIG on two platforms, GameCube and PlayStation 2. With PlayStation 2, NBA Street was available in three regions, including in North America and Europe on June 19, 2001; in Japan on August 23, 2001. The GameCube version was released and was published in North America on February 5, 2002, and in Japan on March 22, 2002.

How to play

In NBA Street, players will be involved in street style basketball matches. They will be completely different from the indoor basketball matches. The format of this game is group competition (3 vs. 3). The team that achieves the 21 points first will win the game. Besides, the scoring system is also different from the real game. First, the three-point position will be reduced to two points, and the two-point counts as one point. Therefore, players will have to make good calculations during the competition to quickly achieve high scores.

Game mode

This game owns two main game modes, including City Circuit and Hold the Court. In which, the City Circuit will bring the challenge of a major tournament. Players will have to compete with many opponents, from amateur to professional. In particular, defeating a competitor of the tournament also helps you get skill points to upgrade characters. In the Hold the Court mode, the game is built with a fixed mission system. Players must complete the requirements of each mission to win. Also, completing the challenges will help you collect new items for equipping your character.

When participating in a match, players will have to go through two stages, including attack and defense. During the offensive phase, the player has to control the character well to keep the ball and quickly pass the opponent to score. As for the defense phase, players need to move carefully to occupy the ball and block the ball from the opponent. With street competition elements, the game also prepares many tricks for players to use. However, these tricks need to be done correctly to prevent opponent attacks or rob the ball to counterattack quickly and score points.

The visual

In terms of image quality, NBA Street has a stable graphics system. The image is detail and nice enough, with diverse playgrounds and beautiful design. Besides, the manufacturer also prepares many motion effects during the competition, making the matches more attractive.

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