[Playstation 2] Need For Speed – Underground

Need For Speed – Underground
Full nameNeed For Speed - Underground
File size1.7GB
Genre Racing , Simulation
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

Need for Speed ​​is a famous gaming brand. It is a high-speed driving game with attractive races. The players can compete with each other and show their ability. By 2003, the brand’s seventh version was available, which is Need for Speed ​​Underground. The game was developed by EA Black Box and published by Electronic Arts. Besides, the game can play on five different platforms, including Xbox, GameCube, PlayStation 2, Game Boy Advance and Microsoft Windows. With the PS 2 platform, the game was first available on November 17, 2003 in North America. Then, on November 21, 2003, it was launched in Europe. In Japan, it was on December 25.

The game content

Need for Speed ​​Underground has five attractive game modes. The most basic mode is Circuit that provides a race with four competitors. In which, players have to overcome opponents in several laps or one race. In particular, this mode also offers attractive races with the form of 1vs1. Players will compete with another opponent in seven laps. Therefore, the players have concentration and perseverance to complete the race. The next mode is Sprint, it brings races with completely new content. Instead of completing many different laps, it is designed with the form from point A to B. It means that the starting and finishing points will not overlap. In addition, the Sprint tracks’s length is shorter than Circut. From there, players have to move steadily and skillfully to overcome the competitors. Like previous versions, this game has still Knockout challenges. In this mode, players will compete in the form of exclusion. At the end of each race, the final finishers will be eliminated from the race, and the only survivor will win. Besides, the manufacturer also prepares two complex parts to conquer, Drag racing and Drift. In Drag racing, players will participate in speed control challenges. The races will take place with straight lines, and players have to skillfully control the movement speed to overcome the opponent. To do that, you have to activate nitro at the right time. As for Drift mode, players have to complete the races by passing many intricate bends with the Drift technique. Besides, performing well Drift technique will bring a bonus point, and the person who accumulates the most points is the winner.

The graphics

Besides the addictive game modes, Need for Speed ​​Underground possesses a beautiful graphics. In particular, the races take place at night and in big cities to bring many wonderful landscapes for players to enjoy.

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