[Playstation 2] Obscure – The Aftermath

Obscure – The Aftermath
Full nameObscure - The Aftermath
File size1.3GB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

Obscure: The Aftermath is the second version of the fighting and survival game, Obscure (2004). This game was designed and developed by Hydravision Entertainment. After that, it was available by Ignition for North America, and Playlogic Entertainment published it in the rest of the world. This addictive survival game was first published in 2007 on multiple platforms, such as Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Windows. In 2009, a version for the PlayStation Portable was available. In particular, in 2014, the game appeared on Steam.

The game content

Like the previous version, Obscure: The Aftermath continues to bring survival challenges and many scary images to enjoy. In which, the combat missions are more complex. Also, the game’s context is authentic, bringing more horror details to test the courage of the players. Besides, the game’s content follows the events of the first part. The remaining survivors were Shannon and Kenny. In this case, they have become a university student and were living a new life at the Fallcalet University. Also, Stan tried to return to normal life as a truck driver. However, their peaceful life quickly ended when a new disease broke out from a black flower. It brought monsters and mutants, which appeared in many Fallcalet’s areas and other murders happened. Therefore, the three main characters from the previous version had to return to fight the disease. They also met some new characters, who were also trying to survive the crazy event.

The game mode

In this game, gamers can choose to fight in two modes, including single-player and Co – Op. With single-player mode, gamers will randomly select some characters to join the fight. However, players will not have to fight alone because the game has prepared an A.I. to accompany you in battles. Howwever, these A.I are too focused on fighting and forget about survival missions. They often fight monsters and leave the players. So, players have to make reasonable moves and avoid moving in accordance with A.I. As for Co – Op, you can compete with other players. From there, gamers will have to coordinate with each other well to complete the challenges.

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