[Playstation 2] PES 2012 – Pro Evolution Soccer

PES 2012 – Pro Evolution Soccer
Full namePES 2012 - Pro Evolution Soccer
File size1.7GB
Genre Simulation , Sports
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 (or known as PES 12) is the eleventh version of the Pro Evolution Soccer game series from the developer Konami. In particular, this version was developed with the support of Blue Sky Team. The first platform was PlayStation 2, which was first available in North America, on September 27, 2011. Also in 2011, this game was also released on several versions like PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows.

The game content

Like previous versions, Pro Evolution Soccer still brings three big and familiar tournaments for gamers to enjoy. They are UEFA Super Cup, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Champions League. Besides, the game maker also brings an additional tournament for gamers to explore. This tournament is Copa Santander Libertadores (belongs to CONMEBOL – South American Football Confederation). In particular, this is the first version of the PES series, in which the referees will wear the same uniform during the games.

The gameplay

Compared to the competition system of the previous versions, PES 12 has been significantly upgraded to bring more interesting matches. In which, the A.I system and the defense have some changes. Specifically, the A.I is smarter and able to predict the players’s direction. This upgrade will provide high-quality football matches. However, it requires players to have many thinking and operating skills to win. Besides, the defense system in the previous versions is relatively weak. Defenders often leave the designated position and make the opponent easy to find space to attack. However, this version has fixed and brought a regional defense style. From there, players can get a better defense against the opponent’s attacks. It means that the players have to have clever strategies to overcome the opponent’s defense to score. Regarding the game modes, the game still offers tournament challenges, random competition, and training tasks. In case the gamers want to participate in a long-term competition and develop the club, you should play according to the tournament. In this game, gamers can choose any tournament to compete and in many different matches to get the championship. Moreover, the game provides you with the smart transferring market. As for the random matches, gamers can choose a club or any countries to play. Finally, the training mission system has character control challenges to help players use many the ball techniques.

The graphics

Besides the gameplay features changing, the game’s visual system also has a difference from the previous version. The image details are more authentic. Also, the color system is more harmoniously coordinated to bring more vivid scenes for gamers to enjoy.

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