[Playstation 2] Prince Of Persia – The Two Thrones

Prince Of Persia – The Two Thrones
Full namePrince Of Persia - The Two Thrones
File size1.3GB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones is the third version of the Sandy of Time trilogy. Like its two previous, this game still offers adventure and challenges for players to explore. Besides, it is the result of a great collaboration between Ubisoft Casablanca and Ubisoft Montreal. The game was available worldwide under the release of Ubisoft on December 1, 2005. When launching, the game was integrated on five platforms, including PlayStation 2, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube and Microsoft Windows. Moreover, the game maker continued launching new versions on three other platforms, including PlayStation Portable (PSP), Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 (via PlayStation Network on December 21 2010). Also, the Wii and PSP versions have a new name, Prince of Persia: Rival Swords.

The story

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones’s story takes place after the events of Prince of Persia: Warrior Inside. At that time, the Prince (the main character of the game) killed Dahaka and successfully rescued Kaileena to prevent the Sandy of Time from being released. From his actions, the Prince completely changed the reality timeline and caused everything around him to be chaotic. Vizier had not been killed, and Farah had never met the Prince. In addition, the version’s storytelling will be done by Kaileena (the previous two versions were Prince).

The gameplay

In the game, players will still act the Prince to control Sandy of Time and not let it fall into the hands of the bad guy. The game still focuses on moving challenges and requires players to have good reflexes to overcome obstacles or traps on the way. Besides, the developer will prepare many stages with specific goals for players to complete. At each stage, gamers will come to a certain area to fight with bosses or collect required items. With the adventurous element and reflex challenges, the normal combats (causing much damage to opponents) will be made less. Instead, players will have to use tips or tricks to quickly defeat the opponent. In particular, you will have to perform many different tricks to complete the boss battle. Besides, this version also brings some new powers and weapons for the Prince to use. In which, the main character will have a new personality, the Dark Prince. In this state, the player can still control the character and use a new weapon to fight when encountering an enemy, Daggertail. However, the night status will cause the character’s vitality to decrease. Therefore, players have to quickly overcome the dangers to access support items and return to normal status. Players can eliminate the power of Night by collecting holy water or sand, which falls from monsters or the broken objects.

The graphics

About the visual, this version possesses a sharp and smooth graphics system. In which the game’s scenery is vivid. Besides, the motion effects or combat skills are refreshed. They will bring great gaming experience.

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