[Playstation 2] Red Dead Revolver

Red Dead Revolver
Full nameRed Dead Revolver
File size1.3GB
Genre Action , Shooter
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

In case players want to explore fascinating shooting challenges with a backdrop in the Wild West, Red Dead Revolver is the best choice. This game was built by Rockstar San Diego and released by Rockstar Games to the market. In addition, the manufacturer has designed the game to fit on two different platforms, Xbox and PlayStation 2. Besides, the manufacturer also released it for two regions, North America – May 4, 2004 and Europe – May 28, 2004.


The Red Dead Revolver’s story takes place in 1880. At that time, Nate Harlow found an containing gold area and asked another partner to do business with him, Griff. Along with Griff, Nate went to Bear Mountain to mine gold, and it went smoothly. To celebrate this business, Nate and Griff ordered to make a pair of revolvers with decorative motifs, a scorpion.

After that, each person will keep a gun as a souvenir. In enjoying life process, Griff was suddenly captured by the Mexican army and requested the death penalty. To ensure his own life, Griff asked General Diego to share a half of gold at Bear Mountain. Diego agrees, but he also ordered his subordinate Colonel Daren to kill Nate to ensure that the other people didn’t know about the gold. Arriving at the Harlow ranch, Daren shot Nate and his wife, Falling Star. But Daren was unable to kill Red, the Nate’s son, as the boy took his father’s gun and injured Daren. Witnessing the death of his family, Red became a bounty hunter and sought out the people who involved in the death of his parents for revenge.


In the game, players will control Red during the revenge journey. With shooting elements, the game will provide many separate battle stages to enjoy. At each stage, players will be taken to a limited area to face many enemies at the same time. During combat, Red can use weapons such as rifles, revolvers, explosives and knives. Along with the constant fighting in each stage, the producer also prepares for Red a special skill, Deadeye. With this skill, players can slow down time and fire guns at six different positions on an enemy’s body to take them down.


As for graphics, Red Dead Revolver received normal reviews. Image quality is stable, some details are blurry. However, the color system was built and coordinated harmoniously, providing easy-to-see contexts. In addition, the PS 2 version has a frame rate lower than the Xbox.

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