[Playstation 2] Resident Evil – Dead Aim

Resident Evil – Dead Aim
Full nameResident Evil - Dead Aim
File size1.5GB
Genre Action , Shooter
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

Resident Evil: Dead Aim is a survival and fighting game in the classic Resident Evil series. However, it was developed according to a new battle challenge system that is different from previous versions. The game maker Cavia Inc. designed this game while Capcom was responsible for releasing it to the market. Besides, this game is available on the PlayStation 2 platform in many different regions around the world. First, the game was available on February 13, 2003; in North America on June 17, 2003. In other areas, Capcom has released the game on July 9, 2003.

The game context

The game’s context takes place in 2002, four years after the Raccoon City incident. A ship Spencer Rain of the Umbrella Group was stolen. In particular, this ship had been infected with Virus T and was a dangerous place for ordinary people. In the game, the thief – Morpheus D. Duvall – a researcher, was working for Umbrella. Besides, Morpheus had made a statement about the release of Virus T to the world. To prevent this action, he asked the US and Chinese governments to give a billion dollars. During the allowed time and the two countries’s disagree, Morpheus’ accomplices will launch bullets with T-virus bullets worldwide. Not accepting compromise, the two above counties sent their smart and powerful agents to destroy Morpheus. In which, the Americans brought to Bruce McGivern, a member of the Anti-Umbrella Pursuit Investigation Team, under the management of the United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM). And China brought a secret agent, Fong Ling, from MMS. They worked together to destroy the evil plot of the enemy.

How to play

In Resident Evil: Dead Aim, players will control the two agents on different stages to complete the tasks. In the early stages, players will focus on controlling Bruce. Later on or special stage, players can use Fong Ling. A new interesting feature compared to the previous versions is that it provides up to two different perspectives for gamers to explore. With a third perspective, players will use it while moving. It makes you easily observe the surroundings. As for the first perspective, you can use it to fight a Crosshair. With shooting challenges, the developer will provide many weapons for you to collect, such as short guns to assault rifles. At the beginning of the game, players can use shotguns to fight. However, players will collect many new guns along the way. Each area will be hidden a number of weapons and a amount of ammunition.

The graphics

Besides familiar challenges, this game possesses a beautiful visual system. The 3D environment allows players to freely explore the surrounding context. The zombies have not beautiful design, but the use of the bleak color system makes them more awful.

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