[Playstation 2] Shadow The Hedgehog

Shadow The Hedgehog
Full nameShadow The Hedgehog
File size1.4GB
Genre Action , Platform
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

Shadow the Hedgehog is an interesting platform game. It was developed and published by Sega Studios in 2005. This is the sequel version of Sonic the Hedgehog. The game tells about Sonic, the main character in popular animated movies. If you are a Sonic fan or want to explore new things about this character, Shadow the Hedgehog is the best choice for you.

The story

Regarding the plot, Shadow the Hedgehog revolves around the journey to recover memory and discover the mystery in the city of Professor Gerald Robotnik. He met Sonic when he went to the small town to investigate his memories. Here, they fought with many monsters and enemies. Over many wars, Sonic discovered that Doctor Eggman and the Black Arms were behind the cases to rule the Earth. To prevent that, he accompanied his friends to fight and protect the Earth.

The gameplay

In the game, players will play Sonic to start the journey. He can choose the Robotnik’s help or the heroes of the Sonic team. Sonic comes at the first dangerous place in the city in the first phase. He will move flexibly to collect gold rings on the street. They act as a shield to protect Sonic in battles. Besides, Sonic will collect weapons, rocket guns and rifles to attack enemies. After defeating the enemy, you will receives a. A pair of shoes on the road helps Sonic move quickly in a short time. Besides being attacked, he also has to react quickly to random obstacle on the ways. To be safe, Sonic has to stand next to the energy and physical recovery tanks. If Sonic is killed by an enemy or collides with an obstacle, you have to restart the stage and lose some bonuses. After overcoming many dangers, Sonic and his friends run to the last base. In which, it contains many traps and soldiers of Doctor Eggman and Black Arms. You have to coordinate power and buy useful equipment in the shop to overcome difficulties outside the base. The game ends when you destroy Doctor Eggman and Black Arms, and their base completely disappears.

The visual

Regarding graphics, Shadow the Hedgehog is vivid with beautiful 3D graphics. The view from above combined with not too fast game speed, which creates a high entertainment experience for gamers. Besides, the authentic sound of weapons also creates an unique attraction for the game.

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