[Playstation 2] Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2
Full nameSilent Hill 2
File size1.8GB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

Silent Hill 2 is a horror game which was released by Konami in 2001. This is a sequel to the film’s Silent Hill game series by director Masashi Tsuboyama. The game received positive reviews from the player community and was popular on multiple platforms, PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC.


About the plot, Silent Hill 2 is in the city of Silent Hill. It associated with the memories of James Sunderland and Mary, his wife died in an accident. In his dream sleep, an Mary’s image appeared before James and gave him a letter. James woke up and was suprised when the monstrous letter was on his desk. James decided to open the letter. In the letter, Mary wanted him to return to Silent Hill. Following the instructions in the letter, he returned to the city and realized that the place had been abandoned for a long time. Many city’s mysteries unfold in James’s dangerous journey and end when he arrived at the hospital.


Basically, players will act James and explore challenges in the ghost city. He can move freely in the city. There, James meets strange characters who have similarities with Mary. First, he met Maria, who has the same face as Mary at a small store. After a conversation with her, he leaves the store and encounters the zombies’s chasing. He rushes to the nearby warehouses and looks for weapons to attack them. James escapes the enemy and meets Laura, who knows Mary well.

With the weapon, James protects Laura to the location on the map. Many battles take place between James and the enemies in the way. They overcome many dangers and go to the hospital. Laura hands the letter which she receives from Maria to James upon arrival at the hospital. When you reach this stage, you will encounter many different endings through each play. In some endings, James encounters Mary in the form of a demon and their final battle takes place. After the fight, Mary returns to her original form and talks to him about Laura’s background. The game ends when James and Laura return to the city to live and are saddened by the death of Mary.


Regarding graphics, Silent Hill 2 uses beautiful 3D graphics with covered dark fog space. The gloomy scenery is presented in a real way that brings suspense and drama to each challenge. Besides, horror sound and unique plot also make a great success for this version.

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