[Playstation 2] Silent Hill – Shattered Memories

Silent Hill – Shattered Memories
Full nameSilent Hill - Shattered Memories
File size0.9GB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

Silent Hill – Shattered Memories is a unique action adventure game which was released by Konami. The game was first available on the Wii platform in May 2009. Silent Hill: Shaded Memories quickly impressed the gaming community and was popularized on multiple platforms to cater to game.

The Story

Regarding the plot, the game is in the laboratory of Dr. Kaufmann. He is treating memory problems for Harry, a man affected by many events in life. After leaving the laboratory, Harry went to the Cheryl’s residence, his daughter. However, his thoughts were affected after the experiment and put him into a deep coma. This led to Harry in an accident and his memory continued to be affected. During treatment, he fell into consecutive nightmares about his daughter. When everything was clarified, Harry discovered that he was the mature Cheryl and remembered the father’s memories.

The Gameplay

Basically, the game is divided into two major stages including in the lab and after leaving the lab. In the first stage, players will act Harry from the first perspective. He receives a questionnaire about himself from Dr. Kaufmann. The questions remind Harry of his painful memories. After a period of flashback, he hands in the slip and leaves the lab. Following Kaufmann’s instructions, Harry walks out of the room and backs to his house. The first round ends with Harry’s standing by the road to wait for a taxi in the city. The second phase immediately follows with the accident.

The player will act Dr. Kaufmann during this period. He begins to investigate Harry’s strange symptoms for himself. Phones and flashlights are tools to help Kaufmann’s investigation. He goes to many places in the city to search for clues about Cheryl. Through the investigation, Kaufmann realizes that Harry was dead, and the patient that he was treating was Cheryl, Harry’s daughter. Cheryl is so distressed by the farther’s death that her memory is affected. The game ends when Kaufmann hands over the clues to Cheryl, and she stores it underground to commemorate her father.


In terms of graphics, Silent Hill: Shaded Memories builds beautiful character images bearing the horror game’s color. Sometimes, the darkness covering the area will create suspense and fear for the player. Sound also offers a dangerous experience. If you want to discover and conquer complex cases in action games, Silent Hill: Shaded Memories is the best choice.

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