[Playstation 2] Sniper Elite

Sniper Elite
Full nameSniper Elite
File size755.2MB
Genre Sports
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

Sniper Elite is a special action game which was developed by Rebellion Developments in 2005. The game was first available on the PlayStation 2 version. Also it is the first game in the Sniper Elite game series by Emerson Best.

In terms of plot, the game revolves around the nuclear war between the two powers Soviet and Germany. Karl Fairburne, the main character is a warrior in the German army. Witnessing Berlin, where he was a child, was controlled by the Soviet army and killed the people. Karl received the mission to infiltrate the base and drove away from the invading enemies. Here, he received help from German soldiers, citizens, and the Nazis to combat the enemies’ destruction. The mission of Karl and his teammates was to protect the Nazi leader and destroy all enemies in the city.

Basically, players will act Karl Fairburne to many areas of the city. He has typical weapons during World War II, such as silenced pistols, rifles, light machine guns, submachine guns, and anti-tank weapons. In addition, he also has armor that helps reduce the amount of damage from enemies and grenades to attack long-range enemies. A map appears in the right corner of the screen to help Karl mark dangerous areas. He moves to various locations and defeats the enemy with his weapon.

After the enemy is defeated, Karl gathers bullets and guns. Using a proper gun helps him to be proactive in the number of bullets and high efficiency in each shot. Besides, Karl will detonate grenades and fuel tanks with rifles to make a loud noise to make enemies disoriented. During his journey, Karl rescues many comrades in distress and takes them to base for treatment. Finally, Karl’s army finds Soviet military tanks fleeing the city. The game ends when tanks are shot down and enemies disappear from the city.

In terms of graphics, Sniper Elite uses beautiful and realistic graphics to create a desolate landscape of Berlin when the Soviet Union invaded. The game supports both the third and the first perspective to create dramatic and intense gun battles between the armies. In addition, the sound from thunder or explosive devices has created a special impression on players. They have vivid and new experiences when traveling with Karl on the journey.

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