[Playstation 2] Sonic Riders

Sonic Riders
Full nameSonic Riders
File size1.2GB
Genre Racing
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

Sonic Riders is an exciting racing game that was available by the Sega manufacturer in 2006. This is the next version of Sonic the Hedgekey game series by Hideaki Moriya. The game supports multiple platforms such as PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows.


In the story, the game revolves around Sonic’s races to escape the mysterious area. Before, Babylon’s garden was Jet, the leader stole the magic key to unlock the secrets of the Babylonian ancestors. However, in order to activate the secret behind the door, Jet needed emeralds. He traced it throughout the city with Dr. Eggman’s help. Sonic encountered them and realized Jet’s dark conspiracy. He overcame many dangers to prevent that action. In the end, he was trapped by Jet and taken to a place far away from the city. After that, the journey to find the difficult escape of Sonic began.


Different from Sonic’s journey to discover new worlds in previous versions, Sonic Riders focuses on many races to escape captivity from enemies. Players will control Sonic with a friend on the island to complete the challenge together. Sonic controls Extreme Gear, a special vehicle that is not affected by gravity. He will perform 8 tracks with different terrains. Each has 2 laps and 7 opponents. Sonic comes to the race in the first stage to exit the cave. He has to first-position in the rankings to be able to come to the next race.

Sonic moves skillfully to collect energy, weapons, and bonuses on the track. This energy will be used to boost, increase the car’s speed quickly. In addition, he can hinder his opponent by setting traps or firing rockets. Upon collision with Sonic’s weapon, their vehicles explode, and it will take a short time to return to the track. He uses the time to get ahead and to keep a safe distance on the track. Sonic has to observe the energy of Extreme Gear throughout the journey. When the vehicle runs out of fuel, he will use a charged jump to overcome complex terrain and regain some energy for Extreme Gear. The difficulty increases when Sonic comes to the final races.


Regarding graphics, Sonic Riders uses beautiful 3D graphics. Players will have the feeling of the best speed on the track that is built with familiar and interesting images. Diverse gameplay and unique graphics have created the appeal to those who are passionate about speed.

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