[Playstation 2] Tekken Tag Tournament

Tekken Tag Tournament
Full nameTekken Tag Tournament
File size341.9MB
Genre Action , Fighting
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

After the success of the first three versions of the Tekken series (from Tekken to Tekken 3), the manufacturer Namco has developed a new fighting game. This game is Tekken Tag Tournament, and it is a composite version of the previous three versions. This game has all the characters from the previous versions to bring a many diverse characters for players to experience. The first platform was Arcade, and it was available in North America on July 1, 1999. Later, Namco developed a new version to play on the PS 2 platform in 2000 in three different regions (Japan, Europe and North America). By November 2011, another version was also available on the PS 3 platform.

At PS 2 platform, this game possesses a good image quality. The character’s appearance and movement is more stable and smooth than the Arcade Game platform. In particular, each fighting technique is beautiful lighting effects.

Tekken Tag Tournament has the same battle system as Tekken 3. In this game, players can choose two characters to use in a match. From there, it allows players to control two characters in a match. When the first character is in combat, the second will be in standby state. In addition, players can freely change the two characters to use through some simple operations. In particular, characters in the standby state will possess the ability to automatically revive. Therefore, the fighting challenges also appear more unique strategic elements for players to enjoy. Like other familiar fighting challenges, a match will take place with a maximum of three rounds. Players have to defeat the enemy in two rounds to win.

Besides, the competition time will be limited, and the game will stop when the timer reaches zero. At that time, the game will rely on the energy that the characters are possessing to find out the winner. However, one of the two characters’s energy is reduced to 0, the player will become a loser. Therefore, players have to have intelligent controls to cause more damage to the enemy and ensure that the character’s vitality is not reduced to dangerous levels.

In addition to the basic Tag Team game mode, this game still provides a classic play section to enjoy, 1 vs 1. Next is the Team Battle mode, which allows the player to select eight characters to use and to defeat eight other opponents (the game brings 35 characters and everyone can freely choose). Finally, the manufacturer also prepares a mini-game, Tekken Bowl, which has the same gameplay as Bowling in real life.

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