[Playstation 2] Time Crisis 2

Time Crisis 2
Full nameTime Crisis 2
File size522.6MB
Genre Action , Shooter
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

Following the success version and getting good reviews from users, Namco has released the next version of the Time Crisis series. This game is named Time Crisis II. It was released on the Arcade platform in March 1997. Later, in 2001, Namco developed a new version of the game so that it could be played on PlayStation 2. This version was released. in North America on October 1, Japan is October 4 and the rest of the world is October 19.


The game’s plot takes place in 1997. At this time, NeoDyne Industries was announcing a plan to unify the global communications system with 64 different satellites. The plan was StarLine Network. However, the real purpose was to launch a nuclear satellite into the universe and allowed it to control of information to dominate the world. Next, NeoDyne would sell using satellites and pay them a large sum of money. But NeoDyne’s plan was discovered because an V.S.S.E’s agent was inside their research facility. While trying to bring documents and information related to this project, Christy Ryan was attacked by NeoDyne security forces, Jakov Kinisky led. After that, two other agents of V.S.S.E were sent to collect documents and stop this evil plan, Keith Martin and Robert Baxter.

About the gameplay

In Time Crisis II, players will participate in shooting challenges with a first-person perspective. Besides, this game also challenges players with quick reflexes. Players will face many enemies in different contexts, and the goal is to destroy all enemies and survive to go forward. Fighting with many enemies is not easy, players have good reflexes to attack enemies and hide behind many different objects to avoid their them.

Besides destroying all enemies at each stage, the manufacturer also brings battles with tycoons to explore. Unlike normal enemies, bosses are difficult to defeat, and they will own some different powerful offensive weapons. Therefore, players will have to choose the right time to attack bosses or defend against their counterattack. In particular, each will have a limited time, and you have to complete the task before the stopwatch in the right corner of the screen stops working.


Compared to Arcade platform, the version for PS 2 has a better sound and picture quality. The character’s movement is stable, the frame rate works well to make it easy for players to get quick control actions.

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