[Playstation 2] Urban Reign

Urban Reign
Full nameUrban Reign
File size1.2GB
Genre Action , Beat Em Up
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

Urban Reign is an unique action game which was released by the developer Namco for the PlayStation 2 platform. The game first appeared in the Americas in 2005 and was later popular in many European countries and Japan.


About the plot, the game takes place on the Green Harbor street in the American’s populated city. This was the place which gathers many famous gangs to perform dark missions. Urban Reign was a gang in the city to exchange goods and to fight the repression of many criminals in other gangs. Enraged by that, Shun Ying Lee, a famous swordsman, kidnapped many Urban soldiers. Before the mysterious disappearance, the gang’s leader hired Brad Hawk to rescure hostages and to defeat the enemies. Brad accepted the mission and went to the city to complete the assigned task.

Good Gameplay

About the gameplay, Urban Reign supports many players to immersive in the characters. Players will act Brad, the main character. He watches several videos about enemies kidnapping and beating Urban soldiers. The original goal brings Brad to the dark alley in the city. Here, he overheard the conversation of two criminal gangsters. With the mercenary’s skills, Brad quickly approaches the enemy to make the first fight. He can attack the enemy with his arms or legs to reduce the enemy’s vigor. The energy and strength are displayed on the screen to help players use almost Brad’s skills. Some high-difficulty skills create many damages that require large energy from Brad. He continues to the suspect pub on the street and defeats the owner. He receives a challenge’s letter from the enemy team to rescue the hostages in the last mission.

The biggest difficulty for Brad is the number of enemies. Facing him is three enemies with a large body and lots of stamina. Brad uses battle skills and items on the road to counter attacks from enemies. He will retake the mission if an enemy kills him. The final battle takes place between leader Reggie of the criminal gang and Brad. He has 90 seconds to kill Reggie. Within the allowed time, Brad will try to win the fastest and steal the key on him. The game ends when Urban’s soldiers are free, and he receives many bonuses.


Urban Reign uses a high-angle perspective and realistic graphics to bring a new and exciting experience. City views appear sharp with dangerous lighting effects and sounds. Players like to enjoy a thrilling action movie from the perspective of a true mercenary.

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