[Playstation 2] War Of The Monsters

War Of The Monsters
Full nameWar Of The Monsters
File size494.5MB
Genre Action , Fighting
Region USA USA
Console Playstation 2 (Download Emulator)

War of the Monsters is a 3D fighting game by designer Eric Simonich. The game was first available on the PlayStation 2 platform in 2003 in the United States and then popular in many countries around the world. War of the Monsters was quickly welcomed by enthusiasts and received positive reviews from critics.


The game is in the 1950s world with alien instability. The Earth sustained heavy losses after battles with the flying saucer fleet. Before that instability, scientists had secretly research weapons with destructive power to defeat enemies. With the intention of wiping out humanity, aliens continued to drop highly radioactive liquid on the Earth to turn humans into monsters. At the same time, they sent a robots’s squad to destroy the last human base. Among the people turned into monsters, a man awakened and began to fight the enemy to save the planet.

About the gameplay

Basically, players will act a hero in the form of monsters. They will choose single-player or two-player mode to fight enemies together. The number of teammates supporting them and stages can change depending on the player’s preferences. Players can choose their shape and location in the city before entering the battle. They possess weapons that are laser guns to attack enemies. With a large body, players will destroy bases which contain robots. They mostly move on rooftops to observe dangerous areas. When the target is detected, the player quickly runs there and fights with the enemy. They attack enemies by hand and use weapons at long range to take down them quickly.

Energy and physical strength will increase after each battle. The mission ends when the enemy disappears from the map. The players go to the next mission with increasing difficulty. Here, many dangers cause great difficulty for players. They will have to redo the mission if enemy kills them. The battle continues until they arrive at the last base in the city center. The enemy has many weapons of great power. By fighting experience and unyielding will, players will observe the attacks of enemies and find their weaknesses. After that, they directly attack the control unit of the robot to explode it. Radioactivity all over the earth is recovered by special equipment after the player defeats the enemy.


In terms of graphics, the images in the game are alive. The battle is dramatic and fierce with combo attacks from both characters. Besides, the dominant dark colors and soft sounds have brought the attraction to the player.

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