[Playstation Portable] Ben 10 – Alien Force

Ben 10 – Alien Force
Full nameBen 10 - Alien Force
File size704.5MB
Genre Action , Beat Em Up
Region Europe Europe
Console Playstation Portable (Download Emulator)

Ben 10: Alien Force – Vilgax Attacks is an action game which was developed by Papaya Studio in 2009. The game revolves around Ben’s journey to save the Earth. The battles begin when Vilgax hits the earth and shines Null Void rays on the cities. Many cosmic prisoners are freed by Null Void rays. The planet Vilgax controls them. Their mission is to go to many big cities to destroy buildings and people. Facing such a dangerous situation, three young heroes Ben, Gwen and Kevin have planned to defeat the enemy and chase the planet Vilgax.

Basically, the player will control Ben to overcome many bullets to complete his mission. He has the Omnitrix, a special watch manufactured by Azmuth. When the watch is activated, Ben will appear with aliens’ different shapes. At the same time, he receives great power to defeat the enemy. However, his weapon will run out of energy if it activates for a long time. Facing difficulties in the battle in the city, Ben receives Kevin and Professor Paradox’s help. He fought alien monsters before. They destroy the enemy to break a device of the Null Void machine.

Ben moves to the Terradino city after escaping from the enemy’s pursuit. He searches for the temple and continues breaking the machine’s equipment. Before the intrusion, Charmcaster, alien monsters have woken up and a dramatic battle between them. He transforms into many different shapes with his watch to destroy enemies. Ben collects energy pots after defeating enemies. It helps the watch to be recharged to ensure Ben’s safety in subsequent battles. In the following stages, Ben and his teammates come to the Null Void center.

After several battles, he discovered that the machine’s power is reduced after losing some control devices. Vilgax planet’s minions and soldiers are captured in battles to threaten Vilgax out of the earth. The last place which Ben’s group goes is Vilgax’s train. Here, they have to fight the last boss after defeating the enemy protecting the ship. Ben transforms into an Alien X when the Omnitrix has a full charge of energy. Ben meets Azmuth and gains his strength after defeating Vilgax’s leader.

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