[Playstation Portable] Burnout Legends

Burnout Legends
Full nameBurnout Legends
File size240.1MB
Genre Racing
Region USA USA
Console Playstation Portable (Download Emulator)

Burnout Legends is a racing video game developed by Criterion Games and published by Electronic Arts for PlayStation Portable.


The game-play itself is so precise and satisfying that you’ll cry with joy. Your main driving events revolve around the boost bar that is filled by driving dangerously and crashing cars. As in the first few events of the game, you’ll see that the game strongly encourages these sorts of shenanigans, which just makes it all the more enjoyable.

This game should also keep you busy for some time as it has plenty of events and even squeezes in a multi-player. The controls are exact ( although heavy cars steer like cows), so there is nothing to hinder the driving madness.

Another great feature included in the beautiful Impact Time. This allows you to control your car once you have crashed, enabling you to hit other vehicles or get missed pick-ups. The camera can sometimes make this difficult. However, the massive “AFTER-TOUCH TAKEDOWN” sign that engulfs the top of the screen if you successfully crash another car is so satisfying that you won’t notice. This is most useful in the brilliant crash events that require you to cause the most major traffic disaster possible.


It’s very long. If you go through the game without getting every gold medal, it will take about 10 hours. If you get every gold medal, which is more challenging, expect it to take 12 hours. And if you plan on completing every Crash event and getting gold in them. You should expect that number to rise to about 20 hours or more. The game is perfectly balanced, difficulty-wise. And then you have multiplayer, which will keep you coming back. And back.

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