[Playstation Portable] Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII

Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII
Full nameCrisis Core - Final Fantasy VII
File size0.9GB
Genre Action , Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Playstation Portable (Download Emulator)

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is an action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix for the PlayStation Portable. First released in 2007, the game is a prequel to the 1997 video game.


As we all know, Cloud Strife was no Soldier First Class. He wasn’t even a soldier. But he was present in the calamity of Nibelheim five years before the events of the original game. However, he was in no way the hero of this tragedy. Not only was he not the hero, but he also didn’t even show his face! But one particular soldier Operative did: Zack Fair. If you’ve played Final Fantasy VII, you caught glimpses of the spiky black haired Buster Sword-wielding hero.

If you’ve seen the animated series Last Order or the CGI movie Advent Children, you know by now that Cloud looked up to Zack in a fashion that can be described as inspiration. In Crisis Core, the prequel game to FF7 for the PSP, you won’t be playing as the melodramatic blonde in his quest to stop the One-Winged Angel. You’ll be playing as the mysterious figure of Nibelheim that Tifa remembers from Final Fantasy VII.


You’ll start the game with a familiar melody playing and an all to eye pleasuring rendition of an assault on a train. Zack may be in a training mission, but this attack is severe! After the illustrious animation, you’ll be in the first battle. This brings me to the controls: They’re surprisingly comfortable, not at all too different from the other Final Fantasy VII spinoff, Dirge of Cerberus. I found no problems with the automatic targeting system and unleashed a flurry of up to four combo-verse attacks. We found trouble with the cycling system. All of them using the L or R shoulder triggers to either choose Attack, Magic Materia, Command Materia, or Items.

An even more significant flaw to this is the Item Bar Menu. When you select Items during combat, the Command Bar changes to the Item Bar Menu. Here, you will once again have to use the L or R triggers to cycle from Potion, Ether, or Remedy. Although not too difficult considering this menu is always in order (Potion will always be the first selection. This is followed by others items such as Hi-Potion, X-Potion, Soma, Ether, Remedy – in that order), 

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