[Playstation Portable] Final Fantasy IV – The Complete Collection

Final Fantasy IV – The Complete Collection
Full nameFinal Fantasy IV - The Complete Collection
File size696.8MB
Genre Compilation , Misc
Region USA USA
Console Playstation Portable (Download Emulator)

For a while, there were rumors circulating about a remake for the DS, only a few years after the GBA port was released. Many were skeptical, but here it is


This game has an excellent plot it starts out with Cecil Lord Captain of the red wings on his way back to Baron Castle after robbing the Mysidians of their crystal. He is then stripped of his title and is ordered to take a ring to the Valley of Mist. His friend Kain accompanies him in the morning and they set out for Mist.


What’s a Final Fantasy game without spectacular gameplay? If you’re new to Final Fantasy IV or new to the series in general, you’ll either love the battle system, or you’ll absolutely loathe it. The Active Time Battle system, aptly named. The system works as it sounds: It isn’t where you and your opponent take turns attacking, your enemies attack at their own pace, as do you. Every character has an ATB bar, that, when filled up all the way, means that it’s that character’s turn to attack. Certain attacks take longer to use; Magic takes time to cast whereas melee combat is quick. Now if you are unfamiliar with the magic system, it is quite simple. Each character that can learn magic learns spells by leveling up.

There are 3 types of magic: Black magic, White magic, and Summon magic (Magic that summons a creature to attack). Each spell costs MP, or magic points, to cast. Once you run out, you can only get those Points back by going to an inn, using an item that restores it, or using a tent. Melee is a lot more simple. Each weapon has a type: Sword, Lance, Wand, etc. Once equipped, the weapon alters the strength of the character equipped with it, making them more effective in battle. But you’ll figure the rest out in the game.

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