[Playstation Portable] God Of War – Ghost Of Sparta

God Of War – Ghost Of Sparta
Full nameGod Of War - Ghost Of Sparta
File size1.0GB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region USA USA
Console Playstation Portable (Download Emulator)

God of War: Ghost of Sparta is an action-adventure game developed by Ready at Dawn and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.


Pretty good story, you are a warrior, and you are looking for your brother who thought he died. Never mind how rigorously this holds onto the God of War legend. It’s pretty fun to go through. The only real complaint I have about this story is that it was drawn. The game feels longer than necessary. I feel sorry for Ready-at-Dawn about this. When Chains of Olympus is too short, people complain that it feels artificially pulled out when you play this game. It looks like they can’t win. That’s fine, but as is typical of most item-finding games, you have to run everywhere searching for items to open the ‘say’ door, as you can use the Blades of Chaos to hack it. Kratos is a god. He can’t chop it off. You will need to take a break here, but this can happen with most video games.


The gameplay part of the game, Ready at Dawn, really shines with Sony’s studio Santa Monica, the leading producers of the God of War franchise. In God of War III, the personal background and inaccuracies, while playing the Olympus Chain, make sure you never have any moments that you feel untestable. The platform is professionally created, and it is limited to the PSP’s controller with one less similar buttons and fewer buttons to operate. They also overcome this limit by having fewer weapons, so the d-pad can be shared using different algorithms. The dodge usually presents on the second needle is now the click L, R, and direction about nub similar. While more weapons would be great, Sacrifices had to be made for the smaller vehicle, and you’d better stick with the Blades of Athena in this or any other God of War. The fight itself feels just like any other God of War. The square, square, triangle base combo will work in most situations and grapple with most enemy mode and ready to use.

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