[Playstation Portable] Gods Eater Burst

Gods Eater Burst
Full nameGods Eater Burst
File size0.9GB
Genre Action , Role Playing
Region USA USA
Console Playstation Portable (Download Emulator)

God Eater is a 2010 action role-playing game for the PlayStation Portable, developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment in Japan.


For a long-anticipated game, Gods Eater Burst starts disappointingly, with a rapidly-shifting montage of jerkily animated and confusing cutscenes with a background of generic J-pop female vocals. Press Start and select new game, and get invited to create a character with a name, running name, and gender. We move to the base, with unpleasant light flare from windows and computer screens, flat graphics, muddy colors, and jerky animation. The same applies to going outdoors on missions. We have ruined urban streetscapes with flat backgrounds, soft textures, muddy colors, and cramped areas. Gray pavement, gray ruins, gray water, gray sky.

The monsters are large, cartoonish, and poorly animated. My protagonist bounces around like a jumping bean, the analog nub seems oversensitive. The timing of button presses for different actions takes some experimentation. They are converting from blade to gun, attacking with sword vs. using monster chomping jaws. Running vs. using items, etc., gets frantic in the heat of battle.

Weapon crafting gets more complex as the game progresses, it is constrained. Some of what would be armor skills in Monster Hunter are attached to the weapons or the shield. Or the “control unit,” plus two enhancement items that can be equipped. As I play more and collect more resources, upgrading becomes clearer. Like Monster Hunter, the ability to create and upgrade weapons and equipment depends on gathering items. They could be taken from the environment and carving monsters for parts, with the quality of factors you can find depending on your level in the game,


Is there a bit of misogyny by the game’s creators? Many monsters have women’s faces, and the Amaterasu is a gross caricature of femininity. If you want, the female NPCs (and your avatar) wear skimpy micro skirts or short-shorts, halters, and heeled boots for eye candy. Costume options remind me of a Kisekae paper doll game. Women tend to have exaggerated ta tas that overflows their costume. Sigh!

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