[Playstation Portable] Harvest Moon – Hero Of Leaf Valley

Harvest Moon – Hero Of Leaf Valley
Full nameHarvest Moon - Hero Of Leaf Valley
File size138.1MB
Genre Strategy
Region USA USA
Console Playstation Portable (Download Emulator)

Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley is a video game in the farm simulation series Harvest Moon for PlayStation Portable,


Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley’s overarching plot is relatively predictable. You will be in the town of Leaf Valley when you inherited a large fortune from your grandfather. Your mission is to help people in the village who are desperate for hunger. The destruction from the environment surrounding the town and these would be in danger of disappearing forever. As the only inhabitants of the city to see the Harvest Sprites, you must find a way to save the town. Depending on how you go to save the city will affect how the story progresses, but basically, you have two years to have 50,000 G to buy the town from the Funland Corporation or find another way to save everything. People. If you don’t, then after two years, people will be kicked out and the town destroyed.

Game Play

Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley is much the same as every title that preceded it. You are provided with a house, barn, chicken coop, and a plot of land to start with, along with a few seeds and some farming tools, with which you are expected to make a living and purchase better tools, animals, and houses upgrades. You also control your character with the PSP Analog Stick. And the camera can be rotated 360 degrees via the directional pad. The triangle button serves to center the camera directly behind the main character. This is much easier than continually re-adjusting the camera with the directional pad.

All of your tools are context-sensitive, in that you cannot use your hoe anywhere except areas where you can till the soil. Your sickle only in areas where there is something to cut down, and so on. The use of tools is achieved by using the Square button. And a brief piece of text displayed at the bottom of the screen helps you determine which agency you are currently equipped with.

There is no shipping bin in this Harvest Moon title. So you must go around to all the various businesses scattered throughout the town to sell your produce, with each company only buying certain types of produce. You can work part-time for those businesses. This is to get a bit of extra money and boost your friendship levels with the townspeople.

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