[Playstation Portable] LEGO Batman – The Video Game

LEGO Batman – The Video Game
Full nameLEGO Batman - The Video Game
File size563.2MB
Genre Action , Adventure
Region Europe Europe
Console Playstation Portable (Download Emulator)

Lego Batman: The Videogame is an adventure and action game which was based on DC Comic’s superhero and toy with the same name. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment published and Traveller’s Tales developed for various platforms (Xbox 360, PS 2, PS 3, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows). Unlike other platforms, the Mac OS X platform was available by Feral Interactive in April 2009. With other platforms, the game was published in North America on May 23. September 9, Europe was October 10, 2008, Australia was October 15, 2008.

Game’s contents

About the gameplay, Lego Batman: The Videogame is similar to two games with the same content, Lego Star Wars, and Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. The main task is to explore many different areas and defeat all enemies that appear along the way. Besides fighting missions, players can also require to Lego Studs and take part in Lego assembly challenges. The game’s context takes place in Gotham City and the game’s center is in Batcave.

The unique feature is that it allows players to control superheroes (Nightwing, Batman, Batgirl …) and the villains at many different levels (Black Mask, Joker, Ra’s al Ghul…) The game offers 30 levels, 15 levels will be experienced by superheroes and the others allow players to use villains. Besides the levels, the manufacturer also offers two mysterious levels for players to conquer. They will be implemented at Arkham Asylum and Wayne Manor.


In the game, players will have to fight with many enemies, and they will appear continuously. Meanwhile, players will have to use melee techniques to defeat them and enter new areas to perform the required tasks. In addition, the game also provides some support tools to use. Each character will have a different support system. For example, Batman can use Batwing or Batmobile. Penguin can fly the air with his umbrella. Along with fighting, there are many different Lego pieces in the way, and players have to assemble them into a certain item. Each successful assembly, the Lego Studs will fall out for players to collect. In addition, Lego Studs also fall from breakable objects along the way. From the accumulated Lego Studs, players can use them to buy some support items or new characters.


Designed based on the world-famous toyline (Lego), this game possesses a lovely and interesting visual system. However, PS 2 platform does not have good image quality, image details only reach the normal level. It was not until the Windows, PS 3, and Xbox platforms that the game get the high image quality.

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