[Playstation Portable] Mega Man – Maverick Hunter X

Mega Man – Maverick Hunter X
Full nameMega Man - Maverick Hunter X
File size390.7MB
Genre Action , Platform
Region USA USA
Console Playstation Portable (Download Emulator)

If you’ve never played Megaman X before (SNES) chances are you may have a more difficult time playing this game than the person who has more knowledge of how the game mechanics work.


Once you think about the whole X series story, it makes the games a lot more fun. Basically, what happened is that X, his red armored buddy Zero, and the firm Sigma were all in the same Maverick Hunter Group. “Maverick” is the name used for a Reploid that has gone haywire and begins killing humans, destroying terrain, etc. *SPOILERS* Well, for some reason, one day, Sigma decides he wants to become a Maverick and lead a rebellion. His followers are the Mavericks that you fight in this game as well as other X games.

But the cool thing to me about the story and the games is how they tie them together so smoothly, and I believe (not totally sure) that in later X games, some things pop up from the previous X games.


If you played the SNES Megaman X, it is the same thing. If not, then let me explain. This 2D side-scrolling game have you move the main character Megaman. You only have one cannon on your arm to blast the enemies away. As with other Megaman games, when you defeat a boss, you gain their powers.

As for the levels, you run through the level avoiding the spikes and gunning down the enemies. Also, as you blast your ways through the levels, there are many power upgrades. Finding them will make your life easier, and treasure hunting is always fun. It’s the same as any other Megaman game, but that’s what makes it so fun.


The controls in this game are very smooth and pretty much cut and dry. Not much can be said about this section except that all of the buttons are in full use, and you will need them all. If you want basically warp speed shooting for the tougher enemies that take more than a few rounds of shots, get up close to them and alternate with Square and Triangle as fast as you can.

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