[Playstation Portable] Metal Slug XX

Metal Slug XX
Full nameMetal Slug XX
File size185.3MB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Playstation Portable (Download Emulator)

Metal Slug xx is a run and gun video game developed by SNK Playmore for the Nintendo DS. It is the eighth and final title in the main Metal Slug series


If you know what you’re getting, Metal Slug XX can be a hell of a ride. As in the rest of the franchise going back to its debut on the NeoGeo in 1996, the action is all about running and gunning. In both the seven-level solo/co-op campaign and the single-player-only combat training mode where you fight dozens of quickie one-off battles. You go up against the evil General Morden’s regular troops plus his new cadre of future soldiers wearing helmets with antennas. Not that you need to care about any of this story stuff. All you have to understand is that you’ve got to kill everything in sight while jumping around and activating the odd platform.


There is no denying that every Metal Slug game in the past has been incredibly difficult and XX is no exception. The screen is popular with dozens of enemies coming from every angle. And only a single shot can kill the player. When the player dies three times the game is over or is it? Unlike Metal Slug 7, XX has unlimited continuous which helps takes the frustration out of playing the game making it more enjoyable.

However, the option of having a limited number of continues. Or none similar to Metal Slug 7 would have been a welcomed way of making the game challenging for those who desire to be challenged. If a player does decide to say yes to every single continue then they will breeze through all seven missions in just an hour. But each mission has multiple paths and for XX SNK has squeezed in a few new paths, so this should help guarantee a second play-through of the game.

Once the player has had their fun with the main game their attention will be drawn to the Combat School which offers 70 challenges for the player to complete and also features a drill instructor that clearly has an eating disorder. In most of these challenges, players have to complete segments of the seven missions from the main game with special parameters or objectives and the game will grade your diligence if you succeed in completing a challenge. Some challenges feature a unique objective like keeping a ball afloat with gunfire or battling against endless waves of enemies. The Combat School presents the real challenge of this game since some of the challenges are extremely difficult. This helps in keeping the player engaged in XX for a few more days.

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