[Playstation Portable] Mortal Kombat – Unchained

Mortal Kombat – Unchained
Full nameMortal Kombat - Unchained
File size0.9GB
Genre Action , Fighting
Region USA USA
Console Playstation Portable (Download Emulator)

Mortal Kombat: Deception is a fighting video game developed and published by Midway as the sixth installment of the Mortal Kombat, ported for the PlayStation Portable under the title Mortal Kombat: Unchained in November 2006.


As in all of the other Mortal Kombat games, the storyline is excellent, if a bit hard to follow. The Dragon King, Onaga, has returned and is wreaking havoc trying to take over all of these different realms. And our gullible hero, Shujinko, is unknowingly helping him. It’s creative, although it does get a little confusing at times.


It’s Smackdown Vs. With load times, RAW 06 syndrome bog down the gameplay, with saves taking what seems like forever to happen. However, when you get into the fights, every command is intuitive, with veterans being able to pick up and play their favorites without a problem.

The fighting controls are great, very smooth, and easy to use. During Konquest mode, the mode you walk around and all that, the rules are stiff. Walking is done using the little stump of a control stick, which can be challenging to use at times. But it isn’t that bad.

It’s quite similar to a console game’s gameplay, except for a few things that get messed up. When changing the fighting style, there is a half-second delay. It’s not that bad in a single-player because it only happens when the player changes type, not the computer, but in most players, it is annoying when the game pauses every few seconds when you press the L button to switch. However, in general, its gameplay is quite good compared to other games. Many characters in the game have the same fighting style and make the game less attractive a bit.

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